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The Shaky Perspective has set the foundation for what the next year means for me, and that’s promoting positive life change in my own life. I’ve currently spent the last 4 years in Tennessee “becoming an adult”, working in the service industry. Most importantly I’m a dog Mom to my beautiful pit baby of 9 years, Stella  Mae. I have a BA in Theater from Averett University, which I’ve sat my ass on for the last 7 years. Having recently taken some follow up classes in improv, it is my goal in the next year to continue my education by taking some film classes, while also completing the Improv and Writing intensives through The Second City in Chicago, before hopefully moving up there for grad school. Other fun things about me, I am the volunteer coordinator with the Smoky Mountain Raptor Center, I’m currently also studying to be a personal trainer and fitness nutritionist, and am training to hike Kilimanjaro in July of 2019. I’m just trying to remember, I’ve got the same amount of hours in a day as Beyonce.



I always hate doing stuff like this because I babble and never know what anyone really wants to know. I’m a psychiatric nurse practitioner and have my own practice. I also have a therapeutic home school tutoring program for kids that have difficulty learning in a regular education setting. I love what I do. I have worked in mental health for almost 14 years now and I’ve worked in every setting available in the mental health facilities in the area. I have 3 kick-ass kids and was a teen mom. I have always felt that I had more to say about the world and human experience than most people want to hear. I’ve also found that not everyone in mental health has the passion I do for helping others and doing what is right instead of what society tells us is right. This includes being unabashedly true to ourselves. The Shaky Perspective allows a platform for just that; celebrating ourselves for everything we are. I hope all of the raw human experiences that we share on this journey allows everyone who listens to see things from a view that is not their own.

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